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Puppy Grooming

Puppy Grooming

Our Puppy Grooming Services

At Ashgate Grooming we feel it is essential to introduce all dogs to regular grooming at an early age. Part of their training will be socialising them and exposing them to strange places and noises. Bringing them to our trimming room is ideal training.

We offer an Puppy Package which includes being handled by at least one groomer, brushing and fussing and plenty of treats. We will gently introduce the noises of the dryer, the bath without the dog having to undergo the procedures themselves.  We charge a very small amount for this service.

We recommend puppies have their first trim at around 3/4 months old and are happy to advise you when we meet your pup for the first time. We always make sure there are two of us available for these early trims. One of our experienced groomers will calm and talk to your dog whilst the other groomer gently gets on with the trim. Most puppies are extremely calm once they understand we are not going to hurt them.

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