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Our Clipping Services

Ashgate Grooming have over 40 years experience of grooming dogs and clipping is necessary and desirable on some breeds. It could be a shaping part of a trim or a whole body clip. The newer cross breeds often benefit from clipping as it helps to keep the coat from matting.  Poodles & cross breeds of Cockerpoo’s, Labradoodles are extremely popular and benefit from a clipping cycle of 6-8 weeks. The appointment will be around 2 hours and include, bath, clip and scissor finish.

When you arrive with your dog, we will carefully brush through his coat to remove any matted coat. He is then partly clipped to remove the dense coat before being bathed.  We have a specially designed bath that ensures the dogs do not stand in water which often frightens them. We will use shampoos and conditioners dependent on his coat type, and any particular requests from the owner. He will then be carefully dried using professional dryers.  Once he is fully dry, a final clip and finish with scissors is done.  We do this to ensure an even clip. Nails are also checked and cut if needed and ears are checked for health.

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