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Our Cattery

Monday – Saturday Check In/Out 9am – 12 noon 4pm – 5pm

Sunday – 10am – 12 noon

We are open for boarding all year round. If your dog is also staying in kennels, we can arrange appointment time to see your cat in at the same time within the kennel hours. Viewings very welcome by arrangement between 10.30am and 12 noon Monday to Saturday

The cat chalets are located inside our brick built salon that meet the Higher Level Licence requirements. The chalets themselves are purpose-designed and allow for up to 2 cats in each unit from the same family. We are able to accommodate up to 4 cats from the same family by linking two chalets together.

The chalets are individually heated with an enclosed sleeping area and large play area which is accessible at all times.

The whole building is airconditioned but fresh air is our first choice for our guests. Before your cat arrives to stay with us, the chalets is thoroughly disinfected and fresh bedding and scratch posts are installed. We are quite happy if you wish to bring your own bedding or scratch posts as some cats are reluctant to use strange posts and bedding.

We are able to cater for elderly cats and kittens but regret we cannot take un-neutered males over the age of 7 months.

Have any questions?

Get in touch with our experienced staff to find out more about the professional service we provide.


We stock a variety of food from main manufacturers including Whiskers, Felix and Go Cat. We are also able to provide a raw diet for a small additional charge. You may, of course, bring your own food if you prefer. Prescription diets will need to be brought in.

Cats Feeding
cat playing

Daily Routine

The cats are woken at 8am and each cat checked to ensure they are well and happy. Breakfast is then served and each chalet cleaned. Litter trays are emptied and disinfected. Bedding is changed if required and new toys provided. After the cleaning is done it is playtime and each cat gets a good amount of individual attention. At this point we can take photos and send updates to you if required. If any of our guests require a lunchtime feed, this is provided before all the cats are left to sleep for the afternoon. Teatime begins at 4pm and again litter trays are emptied and chalets checked and cleaned accordingly. Most of the cats staying with us welcome the attention at this time and want to play with the mops and cloths while we try to get the work done. This usually results in a cuddling session! Our team give each cat three separate play/cuddle times during the day. Bedtime is around 8pm with the cats all checked again at 10pm before lights out.


We have 3 large secure paddocks that are available for our guests to stretch their legs. Our daily routine ensures that all dogs get at least 3 visits to the paddock each day to allow them to potter about, play, sunbathe, paddle in the pool or just let off steam. The dogs are always supervised and are not mixed with other family groups. When your dog is accepted, we ask if you have any particular exercise restrictions or requirements. These are noted on the care plan.



We offer a comprehensive grooming service for cats and our guests are very welcome to book a groom while they are staying with us. Part of their daily care will include a brush, but if you would like your cat to have a more in-depth groom, please speak to reception or request at time of booking.

Trial Stay

All new dogs and those that have not been in our kennels for over 12 months, need to stay with us for a 24hour trial before we will accept a longer booking. We are happy to reserve future dates subject to this trial. 

Illness / Injury

Our insurance policy covers your cat whilst they are staying with us for any injury sustained whilst they are with us, but illness is not covered and therefore, the cost is passed to yourselves. We have an on-call vet in Langport whom we have used for over 40 years who we will call upon in an emergency. If your cat has an existing medical condition, we ask for full details on booking in and we will contact your own vet if needed. You will, of course, be contacted should a vet be required. 

Toys/Bedding/Scratch Posts

We have a variety of bedding, all of which is washed and disinfected between guests. Toys are changed daily to relieve boredom. Scratching posts will be provided unless you request otherwise. If you prefer to bring your own bedding or scratch posts please let us know.

Cat Toy
Cat Security Image


The cattery is fully alarmed and covered by CCTV. The building is also fitted with automatic smoke detectors which are linked to our house which is here, onsite, so we would be alerted immediately if smoke was detected. Each chalet is visible on the indoor cameras connected to our phones.

Drop off & Collection

Please come to the main salon reception on arrival so that all the paperwork etc. can be done before we bring your cat into the building. Once paperwork is completed we will come and collect your cat from the car. If you wish to see where your cat is staying at this point you are very welcome to.

We will not accept cats in cardboard carriers. We also ask you to leave the carrier with us in case we needed to evacuate the building.

When collecting, please come to reception. Stays are charged for on an overnight basis and this period ends at 12 noon. Collections can be arranged in the afternoon for a small late checkout fee of £5 per cat.

Cat Toy 2


Chalet per night

Single Cat – £15.00

2 Cats – sharing same chalet – £23.00

3 Cats – two interconnecting chalets – £30.00

4 Cats – two interconnecting chalets – £38.00

Fees fully inclusive – we do not charge extra for cuddles, medication giving, food, extra bedding, extra heating. Raw meat is charged as an extra

Peak periods – Easter, Christmas & New Year £2 per cat

fully licensed and insured

South Somerset District Council 36264.

After our inspection by Somerset County Council in December 2023 the kennels were graded as 5 star.  The Cattery therefore, had to meet the Higher Standard requirements and after they were Inspected in April 2024 we are delighted that they meet the standards required.

Terms & Conditions

Ashgate Kennels and Cattery is a family run business and we try to be as flexible as possible within our licence conditions. For legal reasons and reasons of safety for all concerned we need to state our terms. Owners are deemed to have accepted these conditions by signing our waiver on arrival

Vaccinations & Microchipping

All cats must be vaccinated to current requirements and a valid certificate must accompany the cat on arrival. We enter this information onto our booking system.

Current vaccination requirements as at April 2024 are: Cat Flu, Feline enteritis and Feline Leukemia Final new vaccinations must be carried out 4 weeks before the cat’s arrival, boosters must be completed 2 weeks before arrival

We require all cats staying with us to have regular flea and tick treatment. If your cat is found to have fleas, we reserve the right to bath/administer treatment after taking veterinary advice. You will be charged for this on collection. All cats staying with us must be microchipped from June 2024.

Important Information

Arrival & departure

Please ensure cats are brought in using a secure carrier. Please ensure you leave adequate time on check-in to allow for completion of paperwork.


We will advise you of the total booking cost on booking, and confirmation will be provided. Charges are per night and end at 12 noon the following day.

Bank Holidays

We are open 365 days a year but do not allow drop off /collections on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Veterinary Expenses

Any cat needing treatment for an injury whilst with us will be covered by our insurance. Existing medical conditions or illness requiring vet treatment are at your cost.


If a cat appears unwell at time of admission, we reserve the right to ask you to have a vet examination and confirmation that the cat is well enough to stay with us.


We are happy to administer oral medication. Injections or dressing/wound management can be arranged with our vet’s assistance, the cost of which will be added to your account.

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