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Nails & Ears

Nails & Ears

Nail Clipping & Ear Checking

At Ashgate Grooming we include the clipping of nails and checking of ears with every groom. Many other groomers charge for this service as an extra but we believe that these procedures are as important to the health of your dog as their groom.

Dogs nails are normally worn down gradually by walking on hard surfaces, but we see many dogs, particularly country dogs, that only walk on fields and therefore, their nail need cutting. In addition, most dogs have a dew claw which is their thumb.  This does not wear down and can continue to grow, eventually curling into the leg and causing a lot of pain.

Cutting claws is not for the feint hearted and vets charge quick a price to do this for you. We charge a nominal amount if you wish to have your dogs claws cut between trims.

Ears are often overlooked and a build up of dirt in the ear can lead to ear infections, and another vet bill. We will check your dogs ears regularly at their trim and clean them for you. We cannot however, treat ears as we are not vets. If we feel your dog has an infection, we will let you know and you can book an appointment to have them looked at by your veterinary surgeon.

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