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Hand Stripping

Hand stripping

Hand Stripping Specialists

At Ashgate we breed and show our Westies as well as groom dogs and as Westies have double coats we are specialists in hand stripping. It is not just terriers that need this technique and we will hand or knife strip where we can.

On double coated breeds like the Westie or Border Terrier, the coarse longer hair is removed by pulling the coat out leaving the soft undercoat in tact. By using this technique, which is not painful or uncomfortable for the dog, we preserve the coat texture and the new coat will quickly grow to replace the pulled coat. Hand stripping also preserves the colour of the coat and many people who have previously clipped their dogs are amazed at how the coat looks after it is stripped. It is a very natural finish.

To get the best from hand stripping we need time and regular appointments. A complete strip of a Border Terrier should be done 3 times a year, but if the dog is being shown it is done on a fortnightly basis to “roll” the coat. This technique does not take the top layer of coat out completely, but as the coat is stripped on a very regular basis, only the oldest coat is removed.

If you would like your dog stripped we will need to see him and access the coat beforehand. We will then be happy to give you a price and let you know how long it will take us. We need breaks during a handstrip just as much as your dog does, and we will build this in.

We are often asked if a double coated dog has to be stripped. The simple answer is no, we can clip it all off if you prefer. However, we would prefer to knife strip a coat rather than clip it as the coat texture, colour and health will be better preserved. Clipping will be our last option.

We also offer handstripping for a variety of silk coated dogs including spaniels and setters.

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