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boarding Kennels

Our Kennels

Our Kennels

We are open or boarding all year round.  We are open to the public from 8.30am-6pm Monday to Friday. 9am-12pm & 4pm-6pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Viewings are welcomed.

Our small boarding kennel is purpose built and fully insulated. With just 8 units, we aim to provide a first-class service that bridges the gap between home boarding and the large boarding kennels available locally.

The Kennels are purpose built from reinforced high-density polyethylene and are and fully insulated. The design and construction of the kennels exceeds the model licensing requirements. When we were looking for kennel units, we decided on plastic as it has a big advantage over traditional wood or brick-built kennels. Plastic is impervious to all known disease and with our exact cleaning routine, significantly reduces the risk of disease spreading such as Kennel Cough. The Kennel units are also fire retardant. Each kennel unit is cleaned daily and fully disinfected between guests using products which are approved by DEFRA for the safety of the dogs and the environment. Each kennel is heated and thermostatically controlled to suit all guests. Whilst the ambient temperature in winter suits most dogs, we are happy to provide heat pads and additional fleeces for dogs with needs during winter.

Have any questions?

Get in touch with our experienced dog grooming specialists to find out more about the professional services we provide.


We stock a variety of makes of dry complete food, a selection of canned meat and raw meat but if you wish you may bring your dog’s own food. You are welcome to provide treats for us to give to your dogs during their stay. Treats are stored in their individual possessions box or can be kept in the fridge. Prescription diets will need to be provided.

Daily Routine

Daily Routine

The first trip to the paddock of the day for our boarders ensures that each dog has relieved itself after a night in the kennel and to ensure everyone is well. After breakfast, time is spent with each dog in one of our two exercise paddocks. The paddocks are fully fenced and secure and offer the opportunity for playtime, socialising with dogs in the other paddock, pottering about or having a fit of the zoomies. Dogs are not put in together but can see other dogs when in the paddock. Each dog has its own care plan, and this is updated daily by the kennel staff. They note how the dogs are eating, behaving etc. Any change could indicate a problem, so changes are reported to Mark daily. We make a note when your dog arrives of any particular likes or dislikes or behaviour traits.


We have 2 large secure paddocks that are available for our guests to stretch their legs. Our daily routine ensures that all dogs get at least 3 visits to the paddock each day to allow them to potter about, play, sunbathe, paddle in the pool or just let off steam. The dogs are always supervised and are not mixed with other family groups. When your dog is accepted, we ask if you have any particular exercise restrictions or requirements. These are noted on the care plan.



All dogs are brushed as part of our service before they leave the kennel. We can schedule a full groom, including a clip or strip and bath if you wish. Please request this when you drop your dog off or when booking your stay.

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Trial Stay

We are very happy for dogs to spend a day, or a night with us to introduce them to the kennel before your holiday starts. You could for example, leave your dog for the rest of the day following their grooming appointment, or while you go out for the day. For nervous dogs, we will ensure that more time is taken to introduce them, and time is spent with your dog in the kennel to reassure them. We are happy to discuss your dog’s needs with you in advance of their stay.



Your pet is covered by our insurance during their stay (except for pre-existing conditions). We make regular checks on the dog’s health, but should a situation arise where a dog is unwell, we have an isolation kennel away from the main block. If we are concerned about the health of any of our guests, we will immediately get veterinary advice. Your normal vet will also be consulted if possible. We will inform you or your emergency contact.

Toys & Bedding

We provide a plastic bed and vet bed fleece, but you are very welcome to bring your dog’s own bed and toys. If you think you dog will settle with an item that has your scent on it, please bring that with you in a bag and we will make sure this is placed in their kennel with them. Please be aware though that we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to bedding or toys that you bring with you.



The kennels are alarmed and are positioned immediately behind our house. The kennels are connected to an automatic smoke detector system which is linked to the house so that we would be alerted immediately if smoke was detected in the kennel compound.

The whole site is covered by CCTV and this is linked to our mobile phones so we are aware of any person entering the property boundaries.

Drop off & Collection

We try to be a flexible as possible and arrange drop off and collections with each family.

The earliest you can drop off dogs with us is 8.30am and collection is by 12 noon.  We can arrange for you to collect your dog between 12 and 6 Monday – Saturday for an additional ½ day kennel charge.

Kennel Prices


Small Dogs     – £19 a night

Medium Dogs  – £20 per night

Large Dogs  – £21 per night

FEES FULLY INCLUSIVE – We do NOT charge extra for exercise, medication giving, heating, food, extra bedding or orthopaedic mats for older dogs

A discount of 10% will be applied to the total kennel bill for additional dogs staying in the same kennel

Peak price of an addition £2 per dog applies 24th December – 2nd January

Prices include VAT at 20%

Terms & Conditions

1) All pets must be vaccinated and their up-to-date vaccination card presented on arrival. Pets will not be accepted without this. It should cover Distemper, Hepatitis Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough. (Kennel Cough is not included in the annual booster. In case of Primary Vaccinations, two weeks must have elapsed since the inoculation.

2) If, after arrival, your pet develops any illness or condition requiring veterinary attention the cost will be added to the fees.

3) If the animal is not collected within 14 days of the due discharge date, (no communication having been received) the kennel owners may assume responsibility for the animal’s future.

4) Boarding fees are chargeable per night;  should your pet be removed before the end of the booked boarding period, full kennel fees are payable.

5) If you cancel the booking with less than 2 days notice or fail to arrive, you will be liable for full boarding fees.

6) All fees to be settled on discharge.

7) Arrival can be anytime during opening hours.  Departure before midday   (collections after 12pm will incur a half day boarding charge of £12 per dog)

Cash and all major credit cards accepted. We do not accept cheques.

8) We require a 20% deposit on bookings of 5 days and over



All pets must be vaccinated and their up-to-date vaccination card presented on arrival. Pets will not be accepted without this. It should cover Distemper, Hepatitis Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough. (Kennel Cough is not included in the annual booster. In case of Primary Vaccinations, two weeks must have elapsed since the inoculation.

Should your dog not be able to have the Kennel Cough vaccine on vet advice, or because a member of the family is immune-supressed please let us know.

Important Information

Arrival & departure

Please ensure all dogs are kept on a lead. We will collect your dog from your car once the paperwork is completed. Please ensure you allow plenty of time when you drop off your dog to complete the paperwork.


An estimate of the costs for your dog’s stay will be emailed to you on booking. The full amount is payable when collecting your dog. However, you may settle this account on arrival if you prefer. The charges made are per night. 

Bank Holidays

We are open 365 days a year for boarding but do ask for a deposit for pre-booked kennels during the Christmas period. We do request that dogs are not dropped off or collected on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Veterinary Expenses

We are insured for your pet’s vet’s expenses up to £1500 whilst in our care, this does however, preclude existing conditions.


If you dog appears unwell at the time of admission, we reserve the right to request that you ask your vet to confirm that your pet is healthy enough to stay with us.


We are happy to administer medication without charge. Please make sure you send enough for your dog’s stay in the original packaging showing vet instructions

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