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Dog Grooming & Boarding​

Dog Grooming

for over 30 years we have been grooming dogs of all breeds from our home at Ashgate in the beautiful county of Somerset. In recent years the business has expanded to offer a more comprehensive grooming service.

Our grooming salon has also changed a lot since we started in the 70’s. Our purpose built grooming salon allows us to offer a fully comprehensive service whilst still providing an area where our more sensitive clients can be groomed in peace. This quiet, secure area, is also used for grooming cats. Cat grooming is a very specialist area and two of our senior groomers have undertaken special training to provide this service. The salon is full air-conditioning to ensure the dogs & cats , and our grooming team, are kept comfortable.

Cat Grooming

A cat’s skin and coat can be a reflection of their overall health and wellbeing so it is important to look after it.    Cats can suffer from matting, allergies, ticks and fleas etc. just like dogs and regular maintenance of the coat is extremely important to their overall health.

Whilst cats will self groom, it is a myth that this grooming cleans the coat.   Cats lick themselves and ingest large amounts of hair whilst at the same time depositing saliva on the coat which creates an idea base for dander.   This is normally the cause of allergic reactions in their owners.  It also results in hairballs which are a potential health risk.  Cats are naturally greasy and this can cause matting of the coat.

Cat grooming is a very different skill to dog grooming and our two senior groomers have undertaken specialist training.      Their training has included handling and restraining for both the cat and their safety,   the use and type of products that can be used on a cat’s skin,  recognising different temperament and adjusting grooming techniques accordingly.   The training that has been undertaken is both comprehensive and provided by experienced cat groomers.

We are now offering this service to cat owners on specific cat days where are groomers can dedicate their time and we can provide a safe, quiet salon area.

Our Team

Meet The Team Jacky



Level 3 Diploma in Professional Dog Grooming, Canine First Aid Certificate, Kennel Club Points Of The Dog, Kennel Club Breed Specific Seminars on West Highland White Terriers, Scottish Terriers and Border Terriers.

Meet The Team Jordan NEW



Jordan started handstripping at the age of 8 when she helped in in the Ashgate/Hillcloud Show Kennel. She has a degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour Management.

Meet The Team Elaine


Reception / Administrator

Elaine comes from a farming background and has, in recent years, studied animal behaviour. She has an Animal First Aid Certificate and has undertaken courses on Canine Behaviour.

Meet The Team Gemma


Senior Groomer / Trainer

Gemma, is a fully qualified dog groomer who has been grooming since 2013. She has many qualifications including a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management.



Self Employed Groomer

Beth joined us in August 2022 with a year’s experience in the industry. She is currently working towards her Level 3 qualification under the supervision of our tutors.

Meet The Team Lucy


Self Employed Groomer

Lucy obtained her City & Guilds professional dog grooming qualification from KD Grooming in Wincanton, passing 3 practical assessments, 5 assignments, and 3 exams



Trainee Groomer

Meg joined us as an Apprentice and has completed her Level 2 Dog Grooming Assistant qualification. She is now studying for the Level 3 Diploma and will qualify in early 2024.



Trainee Groomer

Dany is currently training with us and will be qualified to Level 3 Diploma standard later this year. Dany is retraining from a background in beauty therapy.

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