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Cat Grooming Services

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Grooming cats is just as important as dogs.   Cats coats get matted if not brushed and combed regularly.     Cats do not clean themselves, they lick their fur and leave saliva in the coat which can then leave a greasy residue. 

We offer a specialised cat service using products which are specifically designed for use on cat coats.  All the products we use are 100% natural

In order to offer you a safe Cat Grooming Service, two of our senior staff have undertaken specialist training.  

We provide our Cat Grooming Service to both long and shorthaired cats.

Cat grooming is undertaken in a separate area of the salon.   The cat grooming is carried out on specific days and our two specialist groomers are both dedicated to the cats all day.

Every cat is different and therefore, every cat trim is different. We will tailor make your cat’s trim according to their needs. To discuss the options and book an appointment please call and speak to us on 01460 281528.

PLEASE NOTE: we work within the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and as such observe the 5 animal needs (found below).

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We ensure that:

Bath and Brush

Prices start at £65

During a bath and brush out, we aim to remove dead hair and debris from the coat.   Cats that get a build up of dead hair, resulting in matting, often end up having to be clipped .   Your cat will be booked in with our two specialist groomers and will be bathed in a secure room away from any dogs.   

Your cat will receive two shampoos in natural cat shampoo followed by a gentle, but thorough, comb through, whilst being dried. 

Cats ears get very dirty and we use this opportunity to clean them and also check and clean around the eyes. 

If requested, we will also clip around the sanitary area.

Nails are clipped.

As with our dog grooming services, we carry out a health check on your cat and report back anything we find or feel a vet should be consulted about.

We will advise each owner on the best recommendation of grooming frequency based on the individual cat.

Clipping Services

Prices from £85 

Cats can be clipped to remove a matted coat or to prevent matting. We do not clip cats for fashion reasons.

The lion trim is a popular choice where the body is shaved off leaving a mane, boots and tail.

For a cat that is well maintained by you, we also offer a service to reduce the length of the coat if preferred.

Clipping services all include a bath, dry, nail trim, ear and eye clean

Nail Clipping

Although clipping of nails is included in all our grooms, we offer this as a separate service by appointment only


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