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Here at Ashgate Grooming we offer a range of services to cater for individual pet owner’s needs. It is essential to keep your pet groomed regularly for his health and your families health. A dog shed’s its coat naturally and depending on their breed, or breed mix, depends on how much they shed.

We will always try to groom your dog to your needs, be that to the breed standard or for a practical cut that suits your dog’s lifestyle. When you first come to see us, we will take the time to discuss your needs with you and will be able to assess how long the trim will take, and how much it will cost. You are very welcome to come and discuss your needs with us without having booked an appointment. We want you to be comfortable with the service we are offering.

We can provide grooming for most breeds and sizes of dog with our speciality being hand stripping.

To keep your dog looking good between trims, we also offer advice and help about daily coat care and home brushing. We are very happy to discuss particular products or brushes you can use.

Every dog is different and therefore, every dog trim is different. We will tailor make your dog’s trim according to his needs. To discuss the options and book an appointment please call and speak to us on 01460 281528.

PLEASE NOTE: we work within the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and as such observe the 5 animal needs (found below).

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We ensure that:


To ensure we meet the above needs we will not de-matt a dog for longer than 20 minutes in any one grooming session. If a dog is badly matted we will discuss this with you and where necessary shave the coat. It is extremely painful for a dog to have matts removed and we ALWAYS put health before vanity. You will be asked to sign a de-matting consent form.


Bath & dry

We offer a bath/dry service. Dogs are bathed in natural shampoos, or we will use your own if you prefer. We dry all dogs by hand to cause as little stress to your dog as possible.

Hand Stripping

At Ashgate we are well known for being specialists in hand stripping.  This type of grooming is suitable for a number of terrier coats and also some silky coats like spaniels and setters.

The coat needs to be assessed as suitable for stripping and our specialist groomers will advise you on the time and costs involved.   We also undertake hand stripping of some show dogs and this is charged on an hourly basis.

Knife Stripping
Health Check, Ear Clean & Nails

Health check, ear clean & nails

We will trim nails and clean ears however, we are no longer able to express anal glands or pluck hair from ears.  If we notice either need doing we will bring to your attention so you can see a vet and get more specialist advice. Ear plucking can be done with your groom at an additional cost of £15. We only do this with a letter or email of recommendation from your vet.


If we find Fleas on your dog we will charge a £10 surcharge to your trim. After finding fleas we need to completely deep clean the salon and spray with a specialist spray to ensure fleas are killed and not passed on. This can result in us having to cancel following trims that day. Please make us aware if you have a flea problem and we will book you in at the end of the working day.


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