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Dog Coat Moulting / Shedding

Dog Coat Moulting / Shedding

Our Moulting / Shedding Services

Many breeds of dog shed their coat on an seasonal basis. The majority of hair loss will take place during the Spring and you will probably notice that your dog is leaving a lot of hair around the floor and on your carpets. This is nothing to be concerned about as it is quite normal. Some dogs have two coats, the effect is a bit like insulation in your house. These dogs, German Shepherds and Collies for example, have a thick dense coat, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. They do however, continually shed their coats to maintain the properties of the coats in-tact.

At Ashgate Grooming we are very happy to help with the process of moulting and shedding. We will groom your dog on a regular basis for you to remove the old dead coat and keep the skin and new coat healthy. If required, we will bathe the dog at the same time. It is a huge responsibility for owners to regularly brush their dogs and most people manage to do this, however, it is very difficult without professional equipment to get all the dead coat out.

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